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Be Proactive Against Radioactive Fallout And Environment ToxicityBe Proactive Against Radioactive Fallout And Environment Toxicity

We don’t know if we will be physically affected by the after effects of the Japan Tsunami yet. But let’s face it; the world is talking about radiation. Radioactive fallout is a buzz phrase these days. Hopefully, it won’t be something we ever have to worry about but there are steps that can be taken to help protect our horses. It’s called KAM DTX-Formula, a new product recently created by KAM Animal Services.

Even before the radioactive fallout buzz began, KAM Animal Services was often approached by clients asking if the company could create a product that would protect horses against environmental toxins. The combination of man-made pollutants, contaminated feeds and water, and natural stress, such as storms or draught, result in their bodies becoming toxic. So, it’s not just radiation that can create toxicity in horses but so many other environmental situations.

KAM felt there was some merit to those requests and so the staff began research to find the right combination of ingredients to detoxify toxic horses. As important as that product was, it kept taking a back seat to other projects until now. Since KAM has been inundated with emails and phone calls recently asking if KAM has such a product, KAM DTX-Formula became the priority.

“I also have horses,” explained Gabriele Sutton, owner of KAM Animal Services, “and so I also needed a product that would be a complete environmental body detoxification solution for my horses as well. KAM DTX-Formula has turned out to be everything I was hoping for.”

KAM DTX-Formula has a spectrum of ingredients that reach into the systemic cellular structures of the equine body. It gently promotes detoxification of the excretion organs and tissues of toxins that may accumulate over time. By doing so it safely promotes the removal of toxins caused from environmental exposure without creating additional stress on the horse.

It goes without saying that toxins can be dangerous because some of them may be carcinogenic. Accumulation of toxins and recurrent exposure may cause the body's immune, cellular, and organ functions to be compromised. If that happens it would reduce the body's own ability to effectively detox.

Through specific nutrients, KAM DTX-Formula restores the pathways of excretion and nourishes the body to re-build, balance and repair. While the current worry in many people’s minds is the radioactive fallout, there are many other environmental threats that our horses face daily. Just like people, horses should also undergo a consistent detoxification protocol. Fears about radioactive fallout may have sped up the process but in reality our horses are constantly facing issues from the environment that should cause us concern.

KAM DTX-Formula can be used both preventively and rotationally to reduce environmental toxin build-up, as well as to detoxify the equine body in a safe, gentle and effective way.

This tip was brought to you by KAM Animal Services. KAM’s “Equine Learning Circle” will be expanding on this topic and others in its monthly webinars. Go to www.kamanimalservices.com  to sign up for one of their upcoming webinars, where your questions are welcome.