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Nosodes and HorsesNosodes and Horses

Nosodes are homeopathic preparations prepared from the discharges from disease material much like vaccines, but without the toxic effects. A homeopathic preparation is made by serial dilution and succusion. Okay, sounds confusing, but give me a moment to explain!

Let’s suppose we want to make a homeopathic prep or nosode. We would start by taking some of the substance (possibly a leaf, bark, root , salt, or in the case of a nosode, a sample of pus, diarrhea, spinal fluid, nasal discharge etc.) and add it to pure alcohol. Next we take 1 part of the alcohol mixture and add it to 99 parts of water. After this dilution process we then succuss the mix 100 times. Succussing is taking the test tube into which we’ve added the mix and if holding it in the right hand, striking the left hand sharply 100 times. The dilution and succussing process is called potentization. The dilution is now called a 1C-1 for the first dilution and C for the 1:100 ratio.
In my practice I use nosodes for both prophylaxis and treatment. Nosodes are available for horses, dogs and cats and for all major diseases and also for diseases that animals are not usually vaccinated for. In horses the following nosodes are available: Flu, Rhino, Eastern & Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, Strangles, EPM (Equine Protozoan Myelitis), Potomac Horse Fever, Botulism, Anthrax, Pigeon Fever, West Nile and Equine Sarcoid. I have used nosodes in my veterinary practice for over 15 years, with amazing results. Although some animals have come down with the disease despite the use of the nosodes, the percentage is extremely low compared to the number of breaks seen with the vaccines.

Nosodes have been considered controversial in holistic veterinary medical circles, but I have embraced them from the start of my holistic Vet practice and I have seen nosodes totally vindicated in practice. Recent documentation has surfaced showing that antibodies are or can be produced if unvaccinated animals are given nosodes for diseases they have never been vaccinated for or had the disease. Maybe this is the reason so many of my clients order nosodes over and over again because they see the improved health of their animal friends that are protected with nosodes.

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