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Homotoxicology for HorsesHomotoxicology for Horses - Homeopathy Meets Modern Medicine

Classical homeopathy started in Germany over 200 years ago and is still used today around the world. Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like treats like” and uses the frequency or energy from an extremely diluted sample to create a remedy. Arnica, used to treat pain/inflammation, is one of the most widely known homeopathic remedies.

In Germany in the early 1900s, Dr. Reckeweg founded homotoxicology, based on the premise that disease is the result of toxins affecting the body and that symptoms result from the body’s attempts to neutralize and eliminate these toxins. They may be exogenous, from outside the body such as bacteria and viruses or endogenous, meaning they are from inside the body such as lactic acid.

The treatment principles of homotoxicology are to prevent more toxins and promote the elimination of existing toxins. It does so by using blends of homeopathics from plants, minerals, cellular catalysts, healthy organs (from pigs), allopathic medications and pathogens. The resulting medications are very effective and have the benefit of not being harmful to the liver, kidney, or GI tract. Homotoxicology products may be used alone or in combination with other medications (drugs, herbs) and treatments (laser, shock wave, chiropractic, acupuncture) with no fear of increased side effects or drug interactions.

Traumeel is perhaps the world’s best known homotoxicology medication. It has multiple clinical studies published proving its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory and its safety. Traumeel is available in tablets, oral drops, gel, ointment, and injectable ampoules. Unlike steroids, which suppress the immune system, and NSAIDs, both of which can slow down healing and have potential side effects, Traumeel modulates the immune response and promotes healing. Also, Traumeel may be combined with NSAIDs for a better response than using a NSAID alone. When combining these therapies, the NSAID dose may often be lowered which decreases risks and costs.

Guna, from Italy, and Heel, from Germany, provide many homotoxicology medications to treat a huge variety of illnesses and dysfunctions.

Some of the common useful medications for horses include:

  • Zeel: for joint pain and arthritis

  • Spascupreel: for muscle spasms (sore backs)

  • Rendimax: for sore muscles from exercise (lactic acid build up)

  • Lymphomyosot: for edema (swollen legs)

  • Cutis compositum: for skin problems and hives

For more information or treatment protocols, contact your holistic veterinarian.

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