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Mmmm... What's on the menu today?Mmmm… What’s On The Menu Today?

Why do horses eat wood fences and barns, destroy trees for consumption of bark, gobble up dirt, feast upon manure, lap at urine puddles or prefer one bale of hay and not another? Could this behavior be considered a form of free choicing?

Evidence suggests that animals, given the opportunity and resources, instinctively seek out nutrients to remedy nutritional imbalances, excesses and/or deficiencies existing within their diet including their water. Free choice supplementation provides the opportunity for nutrients to be balanced accurately for each individual horse in its own unique environment on a continuum. A horse’s body is never static; its nutritional needs vary considerably day by day, even hour to hour.

To satisfy these needs you may equip your barn with combinations of a specified few or multiple free choice supplements without great expense or increased labor. Free choice supplements may be specifically identified for your environment and your sources of hay, feeds and water. Nutritional requirements of special need horses, such as those with metabolic disorders, performance horses, mares and foals may flourish when provided the elements they lack in optimum amounts. Free choice supplementation allows for nutritional freedom without forcing horses into generic nutritional molds.

What you may enjoy most about free choice supplementation is what you can learn. Would it be presumptuous to believe that we know everything about equine nutrition? Let your horse be the teacher and you decide.

This tip was brought to you by KAM Animal Services, home of KAM’s “Equine Learning Circle” FREE webinars, which will take place twice a month starting in January. Go to www.kamanimalservices.com to sign up for the January 10th (which will focus on your horse’s digestion and gut health) and January 31st (targeting balanced feed and supplements) webinars. These webinars will conclude with a question and answer session, so be ready with your nutrition questions.