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What Type of Personality Is Your Horse?

The Five Element Theory in Chinese medicine is based on five fundamental elements in the universe and the body that are in constant motion and change. The first element, Wood, is associated with eyes, tendons, ligaments, hooves and nails and the season, spring. The second one, Fire, is associated with speech, mind, blood vessels and complexion and the season, summer. The third, Earth, is associated with muscles and digestion and late summer. The fourth, Metal, is associated with skin and respiration and the season, fall. The fifth, Water, is associated with bones and elimination and the season, winter.

For example, a wood horse is more prone to bowed tendons, cracked hooves or conjunctivitis. A fire horse is more prone to cardiac arrhythmias. An earth horse is more prone to muscle atrophy and colic. A metal horse is more prone to COPD or respiratory difficulties. A water horse is more prone to arthritis and may get worse in the winter.

What type of Personality is Your Horse?

A balanced wood horse will be dominant, aggressive, competitive, confident and fearless, and when unbalanced will be irritable and angry. A balanced fire horse will be friendly, playful, sensitive, noisy and wanting to be petted and the center of attention, and when unbalanced will be hyperactive and high strung. A balanced earth horse will be easy going, slow moving, sweet, tolerant and nurturing, and when unbalanced will excessively worry. A balanced metal horse will be aloof, independent, quiet and desires order and rules, and when unbalanced will be upset with change and sad. A balanced water horse will be timid, shy, fearful, nervous and may kick, and when unbalanced will withdraw.

Therefore, it is helpful to determine the personality of a horse when performing acupuncture as a wood horse may kick!

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