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Electrolytes to the Rescue! In the Heat and Humidity, Electrolytes to the Rescue!

When itís time to sweat, Electrolytes must come to the rescue!

With record temperatures and high humidity plaguing our horses, care must be taken to keep your horse hydrated and healthy. That is when giving your horse Electrolytes is essential.

Sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium are the primary electrolytes (ions) needed by a working horse. When ions are balanced, they promote water consumption and retention, which can eliminate dehydration and other health problems. Electrolytes will keep your horse well on those super hot days.

A good sugar free electrolyte ensures a balanced blood chemistry level and does not burn or cause hind-gut discomfort. Watch out for electrolytes containing sodium chloride which immediately oxidizes in the hind-gut and creates sodium ions, which the horse cannot stop from being absorbed into the blood. If this should happen, then the sodium would replace potassium at the cellular level and hinder nutrient transfer.

With temperatures soaring, itís important that your horse gets a good quality daily ration of electrolytes in his feed as healthy part of his feed program.

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Gabriele Sutton

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