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It's time to go organic As USEF NSAID rules change it's time to go organic

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) may help mask lameness while reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation, but they can also be very harmful to the equine athlete. NSAIDs can contribute to GI ulcers and colic, renal and liver toxicity, and decrease a horse’s health and performance.

The USEF now requires a “NSAID Disclosure form” to be filed with the Steward/Technical Delegate if more than one NSAID is used during a competition or in the 5 days preceding a USEF competition. Starting December 1, 2011, the presence of only one NSAID will be allowed! The seven NSAIDs currently allowed with quantitative restrictions are Bute, Banamine, Naproxen, Ketofen, Arquel, Equioxx, and topical Surpass.

KAM Animal Services offers FRE Choice Liquid as a safe effective NSAID alternative. FRE Liquid has been used in show and race horses for years with great success and is veterinarian tested and endorsed. It has none of the negative side effects or risks that the above NSAIDs are known for.

FRE Liquid will not test positive on a drug screen (blood or urine). It is safe to use in combination with any and all other NSAIDs and any medications your horse may be receiving. For the horses competing at FEI events, this is your solution to the no drug rule. For treating any pain and inflammation from joints to feet and neck to back, FRE Liquid is the answer!

FRE Liquid is an oral equine supplement that contains both homeopathic dilutions and herbal extracts. It delivers effective pain and anti-inflammatory relief from acute injuries alone and/or in combination with NSAID's or steroids. FRE Liquid will also support ongoing pain management for horses with chronic lameness problems from bone, joint, tendon and ligament injuries, and even chronic arthritis.

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For more information on FRE Liquid, CLICK HERE