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Kam's Electrogreen

Electrolytes fortified with enzymes and greens to replace nutrients that are no longer available from pasture during fall and winter.

ADD Kam's Electrogreen 2lb pouch TO CART  - $79.00

ADD Kam's Electrogreen five 2lb pouches TO CART  - $385.00

Use before competition or strenuous exercise to maintain normal electrolyte balance and as part of the daily balanced equine diet.

Guaranteed Analyses:

Protein (crude) 1.67%
Fat (crude) 6.90%
Fiber 2.5%
Ash 84.2%
Sulfur 0.1%
Phosphorus 0.04%
Potassium 0.22%
Magnesium 0.13%
Calcium 0.34%
Sodium 33.0%
Iron 162ppm
Manganese 17.2ppm
Copper 1.8 ppm
Zinc 50.7ppm

Ingredient's: White Salt, Fortified Trace Mineral Salts, Organic Coconut Shreds, Enzymes, Kelp, Organic Hops, Chlorophyll


Give one scoop (1/2oz) twice daily as top-dress onto feed. Provide fresh clean water at all time.

Net Contents: 2lb pouch or box of five 2lb pouches

For Animal use only
Keep Out of Reach of Children
Store in a cool dry place


2lb pouch provides 120 1/2oz servings - $79.00
five 2lb pouches in box provides 600 1/2oz servings - $385.00