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K.L.P.P. - Prevent Horse Colic and Other Horse Disease


16oz Bottle - $98.00 

32oz Bottle - $139.00 

1 gallon - $365.00 - will last 6 weeks at a dosage of 1oz 2 times per day   

6 gallons - $1895.00

12 gallons - $3180.00

24 gallons - $5880.00 

K.L.P.P. is what we call the Digestive Tract First-Aid Kit because it maximizes digestive efficiency. This product retards the growth of 22 pathogenic organisms which can lead to horse colic or
horse diseases. It provides the benefits obtained from live cultures without the problems and concerns of using pure cultures. It is especially beneficial to use in stressful situations like travel, when competing, changes of feed, water and/or the environment and other times when your horse might get stressed.

Microbial Benefits - ABOUT THE PRODUCT
K.L.P.P. is a biological feed additive designed to maximize digestive efficiency. A horse's beneficial intestinal bacteria can be destroyed or depleted and the pH of their environment can be altered during times of stress and can result in horse colic or other horse disease.

 Competition, travel, breeding, treatment with antibiotics, de-wormers and other medications can cause this stress. Stress can also be created by alterations of weather, environment, feed and water. K.L.P.P. also assists in the treatment of horse colic.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Saccharomyces Boulardii, Aloe Vera, Chlorophyll Liquid, Peppermint, Ginger, Dandelion, Violet Leaves. Research has proven that there are two basic types of micro-organisms. The majority are beneficial or good bacteria, and the others are pathogenic or bad bacteria that can cause horse colic or lead to horse disease.

When proper balance is maintained, an animal is healthy, grows at a good rate and converts feedstuffs efficiently. Animals become ill when this balance is upset due to stress or other factors. Feed conversion and animal health can decline, opening the door to horse colic or lead to horse disease. Knowing this balance is important, companies started providing direct-fed microbial (pure cultures). The purpose was to give high levels of healthy or good bacteria to prevent the bad bacteria from taking over the system. This has led to a numbers contest where producers buy high concentrations of good bacteria. Lactobacillus Acidophilus is one of the most common. When we examine how these micro-organisms function, we find some interesting points. Lactobacillus Acidophilus does not attack bad bacteria. It is a Probiotic that competes for space. Once established, it develops a zone around itself where pathogenic (bad bacteria) do not grow. This area is called the "zone of inhibition", and it prevents the growth and development of pathogens. K.L.P.P. provides these properties, which is why K.L.P.P. Pet Pack functions without live organisms. K.L.P.P., in final form, is not a source of live organisms. However, it does supply the by-products they produce. The active ingredients in K.L.P.P. retard the growth of 22 pathogenic organisms which can lead to horse colic or horse diseases. K.L.P.P. provides the benefits obtained from live cultures without the problems and concerns of using pure cultures.

The Digestive Tract First-Aid Kit..... NEVER BE WITHOUT IT!

K.L.P.P. - a biological feed additive treatment for horse colic and other horse disease.When to Use K.L.P.P.:

  • Before and during travel, throughout competitions, with de-wormers, antibiotic therapy, and alterations of feed, water and/or environment: 5 ml(cc) twice daily, orally or with feed.

  • At Any Sign of Suspicion of Digestive Disorders (including diarrhea):
    10 ml (cc) orally, immediately. Thereafter. 5 ml (cc) twice daily until signs of the disorder subside.

  • Treatment for Horse Colic: Administer orally, 1 oz (30 ml), immediately, and then contact your local veterinarian

  • Foals: Administer 5 ml (cc) shortly after birth.


Statements on the package have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.