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Nutritional Study to Evaluate the Impact of Advanced Nutritional Supplementation (ANS) for Lipizzan Stallion Horses on Overall Health

In this 10-month, randomized, single-blind, cross-over design study, each of three pairs of genetically-related stallion horses were assigned to enter the study in either the active group or the control group, and to complete the study in the alternate group.

Group A began the study in the active group and completed the study in the control group; Group B was assigned reciprocally.

All horses were between five and seven years of age and were in good health. The horses remained on their routine feed for the entire study regardless of phase or group assignment.

The test supplement, ANS, was administered to the active groups twice daily as K.A.M. ALL IN ONE Equine Supplement, KLPP and UF Formula.

Following a baseline evaluation and randomization, safety and efficacy assessments were completed every 60 days separated by a 60-day washout or titration period. All assessments were performed by a licensed veterinarian who was blinded to group assignment.

Results of overall health assessments, blood samples for CBC, Chemistry and T4, were within normal limits, and remained unchanged throughout the study for all horses.

Sperm motility improved consistently at 24 and 48 hours for one horse while receiving ANS. One horse was sound at study entry and was randomized to Group A; this horse remained sound while receiving ANS, but experienced grade 1-2 lameness following washout. A second horse in Group A experienced an injury during the active phase that resolved prior to entering the control phase. The remaining horse in Group A was lame at the baseline visit but became sound while receiving ANS and remained sound following transition to the control group. All horses in Group B were lame at the baseline visit but became sound after the addition of ANS to their usual feed.

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